Saturday, February 21, 2009

Will The Stimulus Bill Start A Crimewave?

Speaker Nancy Pelosi celebrated the start of the 110th Congress Thursday with members' children and grandchildren, including some of her own. Photo from The New York Times.

Handout Sure To Stimulate A Lot Of Scams -- Boston Herald

This so-called economic stimulus act is going to spur more crime than anything Congress has passed since the Volstead Act.

But at least with Prohibition, Americans got needle beer and bathtub gin. This time, it’s just going to be one outrageous ripoff after another. This $827 billion boondoggle is the equivalent of blowing one of those silent whistles, only this time it isn’t dogs that’ll come running, it’s grifters, scammers, double-dealers.

Take the weatherization plan. I’m sure it survived the conference committee; it’s just too ripe a low-hanging fruit not to have been retained in the final version. It’s for the greens, and a lot of green is certainly going to change hands - mostly under the table.

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My Comment: The big difference with this stimulus bill when compared to past stimulus bills is the money. This particular stimulus bill runs in the mega billions.

I predict scandal after scandal being publicized before the next Congressional election in 2010. The Democratic Party is poorly positioned being the ones who are now tied to the pork and spending of this bill.

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