Monday, February 16, 2009

Democrats Are Now Voicing Concern About Senator Roland Burris

Senator Roland Burris (Image from Parlour Magazine)

Revelations by Senator Are Raising Concerns -- New York Times

CHICAGO — Several Democratic lawmakers from Illinois said Monday that they were troubled by revelations about Roland W. Burris, the state’s newest senator and a fellow Democrat. And at least one called for Mr. Burris to come before the state legislature and explain himself.

“We all have a lot of questions,” State Representative Jack D. Franks said. “He wasn’t forthcoming, and that’s the bottom line. I feel betrayed. The real problem here is the question of trust for the citizens of Illinois. We were supposed to rise to the occasion and, again, Illinois becomes the laughingstock for the nation.”

Mr. Franks was a member of a panel assigned this winter to consider impeaching Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich after federal prosecutors accused him of trying to sell the Senate seat left empty when Barack Obama won the presidency.

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My Comment: When members of your own party and the New York Times are concerned .... you know that you are in trouble. If Senator Burris cannot explain this away in the next few days .... calls for him to resign will come from the Democratic Party in a flood.

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