Monday, February 23, 2009

Dodd's 'Cottage': A Cozy Purchase

Senator Dodd (Photo from The Peace Corps Online)

From The Hartford Courant:

Ireland does not easily give up its secrets. That may have been one attraction it held for Sen. Christopher Dodd in 1994 when he became an owner of a refuge on nearly 10 acres on the Irish west coast. The murky tale includes a felonious inside trader, a Kansas City businessman, a presidential pardon and what appears to be a financial bonanza to Dodd during the Irish property boom.

The saga of Dodd's lucrative Irish odyssey reveals that his two 2003 sweetheart loans from subprime mortgage titan Countrywide Financial were not the first time he enjoyed a financial advantage from a wealthy benefactor. The trail begins at one of New York's most desirable addresses.

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My Comment: instead of less .... the more that reporters look at Senator Dodd, the more questions are found.

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