Monday, February 23, 2009

Europe's Politicians Don't Pay Their Taxes, Either

In his report, Mr Galvin found that overpayments of parliamentary
allowances were common Photo: GEOFF PUGH

European MPs Earning £1 Million Profits In A Term, Report Finds -- The Telegraph

Members of the European Parliament are earning up to £1 million in profit in just one five-year term in office through expenses and allowances, a leaked report has revealed.

The report sparked calls for a police investigation into the systematic abuse of taxpayers' money.

The internal report into the system of allowances - conducted by Robert Galvin, a European Union internal audit official - was kept secret when it was carried out last year.

But a leaked copy of the 92-page document details the full extent of "corruption, dodgy dealing and poor financial controls" in the European Parliament, according to the Taxpayers' Alliance. It revealed that some MEPs claimed money for assistants that were neither accredited nor registered with the parliament.

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My Comment: The financial crisis that is gripping Europe is far worse than what is happening in the United States. The corruption is probably also worse .... it is just not reported as much.

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