Friday, February 27, 2009

The Obama Revolution: Paid For By The People -- A Commentary

From The Wall Street Journal:

In the closing weeks of last year's election campaign, we wrote that Democrats had in mind the most sweeping expansion of government in decades. Liberals clucked, but it turns out even we've been outbid. With yesterday's fiscal 2010 budget proposal, President Obama is attempting not merely to expand the role of the federal government but to put it in such a dominant position that its power can never be rolled back.

The first point to understand is the sheer magnitude of federal spending built into this proposal. As the nearby chart shows, federal outlays will soar in fiscal 2009 to $4 trillion, or 27.7% of GDP, from $3 trillion or 21% of GDP in 2008, and 20% in 2007. This is higher as a share of the economy than any year since 1945, when the country was still mobilized for World War II. It is more spending by far than during the Vietnam War, or during the recessions of 1974-75 or 1981-82.

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My Comment: The people voted for President Obama and a full Democrat Senate/House. They have a mandate to do what they want .... and they will. Trust me .... they will.

The key for the Republicans is to position themselves to provide alternative viewpoints, philosophies, and policies. But at the moment .... they are providing very little if any alternatives .... and what they are providing are just tweaks to what the Democrats are legislating. If this continues, the Republicans will be toast (again) in 2010.

If you want my opinion .... The Wall Street Journal's commentary is right .... but I know that no one is listening. They will only start to listen when the cost to the American taxpayer starts to be felt .... which I predict will be in 2011-2012.

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