Thursday, February 26, 2009

President’s Inner Circle Has Earmarks in Omnibus

From CQ Politics:

Funny how items show up in spending bills without any notice — like an earmark for a president who promised not to seek any.

President Obama, who took a no-earmark pledge on the campaign trail, is listed as one of dozens of cosponsors of a $7.7 million set-aside in the fiscal 2009 omnibus spending bill passed by the House on Wednesday.

But not for long.

On Thursday, Rob Blumenthal, a spokesman for the Senate Appropriations Committee said the one earmark in the bill that carries Obama’s name will be edited. The committee will attribute that earmark to other senators on the list of that provision’s supporters, but not Obama.

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My Comment: If President Obama keeps this up .... he will soon be confronted with a very skeptical and cynical public. Too bad .... his commitment to controlling earmarks always sounded sincere in the many speeches that he has given on the subject.

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