Saturday, February 14, 2009

Who Donated Money To John Murtha?

U.S. Representative John Murtha

Despite Listing, Donors Don't Work for Firm Being
Probed -- Washington Post

From The Washington Post:

Marvin Hoffman is listed in campaign finance records as one of the many lobbyists with the powerful PMA Group donating money to lawmakers. But Hoffman is a soon-to-retire information technology manager in Marina del Rey, Calif., who has never heard of the Arlington lobbying firm or the Indiana congressman to whom he supposedly gave $2,000.

"It's alarming that someone is stealing my identity somewhere," Hoffman, 75, said in an interview. "I've never heard of this company."

Another contributor listed as a PMA lobbyist is, in fact, a sales manager for an inflatable boat manufacturer in New Jersey. John Hendricksen said he did make campaign donations but never worked at PMA and does not know how he ended up listed in records that way.

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My Comment: Money is the mother's milk of all elections. Just follow the money.

Update: Riehl World View examines these links very closely. He followthe money.

His post is here.

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