Thursday, February 19, 2009

Conn. Senator Dodd On Hot Seat Again. Also Texas Sen John Coryn.

From Connecticut Post:

WASHINGTON -- Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd came under renewed attacks Wednesday from Republicans who claim he has been bought off by a "rogues gallery" of financial scofflaws.

Dodd, who is up for re-election in 2010, has been ripped by Republicans for getting favored treatment on two mortgages from Countrywide Financial, which was at the heart of the nation's subprime meltdown.

He's now under the gun for accepting $27,500 in campaign contributions since 2002 from Stanford Financial Group, whose Texas offices were raided Tuesday by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

But Dodd's Republican accusers have their own explaining to do.

Stanford treated the chairman of the National Senatorial Campaign Committee to a four-day trip to Antigua back in November 2004. Texas Sen. John Cornyn was joined by his wife on the $7,411 "fact finding trip" hosted by Stanford. Cornyn's campaign has also pocketed $19,700 in contributions from Stanford and his employees since 2003.

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