Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Did John Kerry Represent An Art Thief?

From U.S. News And World Report:

Right-wingers love to tar Democratic presidential candidates as soft on crime and terrorism, often using a criminal figure to hype their message. Most recently, President Obama had Weatherman Bill Ayers. Most famously, Michael Dukakis had furloughed felon Willie Horton. And less well known, in 2004 Sen. John Kerry had George Reissfelder. Now, a new book shows that Reissfelder—one of Kerry's clients from his defense lawyer days—may have been behind the largest burglary in American history, the 1990 theft of a dozen paintings from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. The missing paintings, from Rembrandt, Degas, and others, worth as much as $600 million, have never been found.

In The Gardner Heist: The True Story of the World's Largest Unsolved Art Theft, Ulrich Boser uncovers new evidence that Reissfelder may have been one of the thieves. "I found FBI files that indicate that Reissfelder possibly helped steal the art, and he looks almost exactly like one of the police composites," Boser, a U.S. News alum, says.

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My Comment: $600 million. Now that is a heist. Rembrandt, Degas .... sigh ....

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