Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dodd's Senate Seat Up For Grabs?

From WTNH News:

Hartford (WTNH) - Connecticut's senior senator, Chris Dodd (D), is seen as being politically vulnerable right now and it looks like the Republicans are lining up for the opportunity to give him a run.

Dodd spent the part of the day talking about the economy with students at Hartford's Weaver High School. He told Chief Capitol Correspondent Mark Davis that is he planning to run for re-election next year. But if you've been watching television lately, it looks like the campaign is already underway with commercials that are running throughout the state.

"They're not my spots. I never heard about them before," Dodd said.

The commercials are being paid for by the Pharmaceutical Industry, a labor union, the Cancer Society and a non-profit group lobbying for national health care. But why are they doing it?

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My Comment: I find it hard to believe that Connecticut voters will vote against Sen. Dodd in the next election. Connecticut is a very liberal and Democratic state, and for them to vote for a Republican candidate will be a difficult thing to do.

What will change the dynamics is if (1) more information and impropriety comes out, (2) Sen. Dodd continues to refuse the release of his mortgage papers, and (3) the tanking and/or no improvement in the economy. If these three variable are in play .... he is then vulnerable.

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