Monday, February 23, 2009

Stimulus Spending Fiascoes Seen As Inevitable

The U.S. Capitol building, where an $838 billion economic stimulus bill backed by the White House survived a key test vote in the Senate. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

From The San Francisco Chronicle:

President Obama's monthlong slog to get his $787 billion stimulus bill through Congress might feel like a cakewalk compared to his next task: spending the money.

Economists say the administration faces a catch-22: It must start shoveling out hundreds of billions of dollars within months if it hopes to slow the economy's free fall. But the rush to spend is also certain to increase the potential for waste, fraud and inefficiency.

Obama knows his critics are waiting to pounce on any sign that taxpayer money is being misused. He warned a group of mayors at the White House Friday that he would "call them out" if they misspent the money. The same standard will apply to his Cabinet officials, he said.

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My Comment: The headline is my "understatement of the day"

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