Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This Is How Washington Politics Works

Senator Christopher Dodd and his cosy Irish cottage.

How Politics Works: Senator Christopher Dodd And His Cosy Irish Cottage -- The Telegraph

An intriguing item here from the dogged Kevin Rennie of the Hartford Courant that highlights a classic example of why ordinary citizens become cynical about politicians and the way business in Washington is conducted.

Silver-haired Senator Christopher Dodd, chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, has already been getting a lot of heat for his two 2003 VIP mortgage loans from Countrywide, one of the major actors in triggering the current financial crisis.

Seeking Senate re-election in 2010, the 2008 presidential candidate (he dropped out on the first day of voting after finishing seventh in Iowa, where he had moved with his family as a way of courting voters) is now in a bit of a sticky spot with another accommodation- his "cottage" on the lovely Irish island of Inishnee.

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My Comment: It takes a British newspaper to get the picture that everyone wants to see. If that is Sen. Dodd's summer home .... it is a very expensive one.

I am just curious to know if this is the only "other house" in Sen. Dodd's property portfolio. Are there more homes out there?

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