Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Democrats Hanging on to Madoff Donations While Members Agitate for Return of Legal AIG Bonuses

From Red State:

Democrats are Keeping Madoff Money While Demanding the Return of AIG Bonuses They Voted to Make Legal. You Can't Make This Stuff Up, Folks.

Washington Times reporter and friend of RedState Amanda Carpenter has a front page story in tomorrow’s paper on the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee’s (DSCC) refusal to return $100,000.00 in donations made by disgraced and indicted ponzi schemer Bernard Madoff.

The DSCC, led by Democratic New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez, received four payments of $25,000.00 from Madoff between 2005 and 2008, with the most recent coming in September of the latter year — just three months before his $64 billion fraud was exposed.

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