Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Crooked Politicians Are Not The Only Ones Who Avoid Taxes. Many Of Their Supporters In The Entertainment Industry Are Guilty Of The Same Thing

Bono and Barack Obama

Tax Protesters Rattle U2 With Hypocrisy Jibes -- Times Online

The band's rooftop BBC gig is upstaged by a small group of protesters

The campaign to embarrass the members of U2 over their tax avoidance is getting its boots on.

Following a demonstration outside the offices of the Department of Finance in Dublin on Wednesday, campaigners continued their crusade on Friday in London.

During an “impromptu” gig by the band on the roof of the BBC headquarters, a small group of demonstrators staged a seemingly spontaneous protest berating the band for exploiting a tax shelter in the Netherlands.

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My Comment: Bono lobbies politicians to give more money to Africa and other destitute nations .... but do not tell him that he should pay his taxes.

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