Thursday, March 15, 2012

Probe Blasts Prosecutors In Ted Stevens Case

Probe Into Ted Stevens Case Finds Vital Evidence Concealed -- Kansas City/McClatchy News

WASHINGTON -- A special prosecutor's finding that Justice Department attorneys concealed vital information from the defense in the case against then-Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens, one of the nation's longest-serving senators, has prompted calls for Congress to clamp down on prosecutors.

In a case that could have future implications in how the Justice Department prosecutes public officials, a report released Thursday found that the Stevens investigation and prosecution "were permeated by the systematic concealment" of key evidence that would have been beneficial to his defense and that "seriously damaged the testimony and credibility" of the government's key witness, the corrupt Alaskan former chief of oil field-services company Veco Corp.

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My Comment: Ted Stevens is dead .... which makes this probe mute (for him).

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