Tuesday, March 13, 2012

President Obama's Green Energy Abyss

Obama's Energy Abyss -- Post Gazette

He keeps wasting money on renewables

Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe," Steven Chu, now the energy secretary, said in a 2008 interview with the Wall Street Journal.

A gallon of regular costs more than $8 there. The Oil Price Information Service thinks the average price here will rise to $4.25 a gallon by the end of April. That would exceed the record of $4.11, set in July 2008.

A gallon of regular cost just $1.85 the day before President Barack Obama was inaugurated. If the price were to double again during a second Obama term, Mr. Chu's goal could be achieved.

Sen. Obama expressed little concern when the price of gas was approaching the current record high.

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Obama’s Weekly Address – Investing in Clean Energy -- ABC News

My Comment:
President Obama will continue to divert Federal monies into green projects not because of facts .... but because he believes that this is the solution. Science and market forces be damn.

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