Friday, September 3, 2010

About That Vanity Fair Story On Sarah Palin

The Truth About That Dishonest Vanity Fair Palin Story, From One Who Was There -- Big Journalism

Remember Vanity Fair (you know–the stale, old magazine that no one buys unless they are on the cover or they are wishing they were, like Joy Behar)? The recent hit piece on Sarah Palin by Michael Joseph Gross reveals that they must be as desperate as the rest of the MSM for sales/ratings, because they have lost all credibility, if they ever had any.

Reading his tripe was excruciating. Some 90% of the hard accusations are attributed to anonymous “sources.” This is billed as a profile piece, not exactly Watergate. You have to do better than attributing everything to an anonymous “Deep Throat.”

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My Comment: The Vanity Fair article can be read here.

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