Saturday, January 2, 2010

Was The Obama Internet Revolution For His Election A Myth?

New Media Leader Exposes Myth Of Obama's 'Bottom-Up' Internet-Driven 2008 Campaign UPDATED: More Storm Clouds Gathering On The Left -- Washington Examiner

End-of-year media pieces tend to be boring rehashes but occasionally a thoughtful person will use the opportunity for some genuinely original and useful thinking about the most recent past. Such is Micah Sifry's powerful and significant post on Personal Democracy Forum's Tech President, "The Obama disconnect: What happens when myth meets reality."

Remember how the Mainstream Media endlessly told us in 2008 that the Obama campaign was blazing new trails by raising millions of dollars of campaign donations and creating the first-ever bottom-up, people-driven Internet-focused presidential campaign apparatus?

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My Comment: This is a must read piece.

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