Thursday, February 16, 2012

Why Are Federal Funds Flowing To Clean-Energy Firms With White House Ties?

Image from the RNC

Federal Funds Flow To Clean-Energy Firms With Obama Administration Ties -- Washington Post

Sanjay Wagle was a venture capitalist and Barack Obama fundraiser in 2008, rallying support through a group he headed known as Clean Tech for Obama.

Shortly after Obama’s election, he left his California firm to join the Energy Department, just as the administration embarked on a massive program to stimulate the economy with federal investments in clean-technology firms.

Following an enduring Washington tradition, Wagle shifted from the private sector, where his firm hoped to profit from federal investments, to an insider’s seat in the administration’s $80 billion clean-energy investment program.

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My Comment: Wow .... we are talking about an $80 billion clean-energy investment program .... that's big money.

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