Thursday, December 10, 2009

Is Corruption The Greatest Threat To American Society?

Corruption Is Destroying The Soul Of US Society, Warns FBI Agent -- The Guardian

John Gillies attacks crooked officials, financial fraudsters and philandering sports heroes.

One of the FBI's top agents warned yesterday that corruption in the US was increasing and tearing at the fabric of society.

Special agent John Gillies, who has led major anti-corruption drives during his 27-year career with the bureau, focused his words primarily on crooked financiers and unscrupulous officials.

However, he added that sporting heroes such as Tiger Woods were also to blame, letting down children who saw them as role models. The golfer is currently embroiled in scandal since his high-profile car crash on 27 November. "Money can't buy everything," Gillies said.

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My Comment: I have been fortunate in my life to have visited and/or lived in over 40 countries. The countries that I never felt comfortable with were those countries that had a culture of corruption embedded into their society. Russia, China, Mexico and few other Central American states .... these countries were the worst of the lot, and they all shared a common denominator when it came to business and/or dealing with the government.

Corruption and payoffs were the rule, service and contract law delivered as an after thought. The worst perpetrators of such corruption were always those in senior positions in the Government. What made it worse was there was no office to go and complain to .... you either accepted the situation, or you moved on.

The U.S. is rapidly entering this club. When you read stories like this one, one realizes that this type of corruption is impacting our most senior political leaders. When former President Clinton and former Vice President Gore can become centi-millionaires in just a few years after leaving office .... something is wrong. Unfortunately .... there is no one to blame but us ... because let's face it .... we are always electing this bunch.